About Us

Get Behind the Spice

The secret to our spice blends is quality ingredients, blending and balancing of the spice flavors and providing proven recipes for their use. Our Spice Blends are free of preservatives, additives, fillers, and MSG.. They are "pure" Spice Blends, so that the Spice Blend provides the flavor and taste for the recipe with less overall spice. Many of our Spice Blends are used exclusively as the "only spice" for that particular recipe or personal procedures. We will be developing other unique Big C Spice Company and will always "Custom" blend spices for our customers.

Why Buy From Us?

Big C Spice Company has a long history in developing specialty spice blends for our clients. Originally, we only developed specialty spice blends that were ones from the recipes and preparation procedures for food service companies.  We are a family owned business. We draw our spice inspiration from a culinary master chef, Chef Michael T. Counihan, with over fifty (50) years of experience and by working with some of the best Chefs and Restaurant Operators in the nation. Just as Mike has a unique nickname for each of his kids and grandkids...he has trademarked of these unique blends with those names as well!  Enjoy each of the spices and happy cooking for the Counihan family.

Contact us to share your feedback and your unique recipes at bigcspice@gmail.com